Tuesday, July 13, 2010

About baby meshach by michelle matthews

baby meshach by michelle matthews was born in April, 2010. I have always had a passion for design.  As a little girl mom would take my sister and I to the fabric store and she would make outfits for us. It was always so exciting! As I got older that desire never left, throughout high school I would sketch my school dance dresses and take them to a seamstress. My college degree is in fashion merchandising. It has always been something I've wanted to do.  After college the retail world took me over and I got burned out. I went to work in the corporate world after that but would still sometimes sketch at my desk. :) My good friend Shannon called and asked me to help design her wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. That was an exciting moment in my life! I was extremely flattered and had a blast the entire time.  Next step in life was becoming a stay at home mom and now my baby is 3 years old.  Recently found out that my sister is having a baby girl and that bit of news stirred up my creative side again.  The hard part was thinking of a name for my business. There are so many creative names out there already taken even my college nickname which was Penny RoMeshach is another nickname of mine which was given to me by a close friend of ours who was recently in a terrible car accident.  His accident prompted a lot more praying in our household and that was the inspiration for the cross appliques.  And that is basically how baby meshach by michelle matthews was born!  Please check back for updates, new designs, contests, and anything else!

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