Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Place an Order and Pricing

The items I make right now are loveys, bigger baby/toddler blankets, burps, and bibs.  Custom orders can be requested too.  In the future I hope to make more items!  I love funkier baby items that are custom!  If you would like to place an order, please email me at babymeshach@verizon.net.  I do have a Facebook page and in the very near future I will have an Etsy site. 
baby meshach by michelle matthews pricing
lovey (apprx size 16x16) $16.49
double sided minky lovey $19.49
bib $10.99
burp cloth $7.49
lovey, bib, burp set $29.99
double sided minky set $31.99
$3.00 for single layer
$5.00 for two or more layers (ex. double layer cross, birdie, owl, initial, etc.)
small name/initials 4x4 $7.00
large name/initials 5x7 $9.00
3 or more items that have same monogram, take $1 off for each item.
(ex. bib, burp, blanket: name: $20 instead of $21 (for small name))
custom orders/special requests
add $10.00 (example – special designs, colors, fabric styles, etc. that are requested by customer)
*plus tax *
$5.00 shipping and handling

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